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We evaluate a site in terms of our entire history
of experience.

It is often said that no two sites are alike and that each is essentially a Pandora’s box of surprises. With this in mind, HCI has developed a unique system over the years to manage unanticipated conditions in the field.

HCI uses structured methodologies for every phase of its practice. The methodologies are designed to factor in known variables and minimize the effects of unknown conditions. For example, when choosing a remediation technology, HCI, along with a client’s team of advisors, will weigh factors such as cost, time requirements and effectiveness against legal issues and public perception concerns. This is done by creating decision trees which allow the client to understand the implications of a decision in the larger project framework.

Structured methodologies not only reduce the risk associated with decision making, but also build on the knowledge gained by past experience. In this way, the HCI staff does not reinvent the wheel when assessing a new project, but evaluates a site in the context of our entire history of experience--resulting in efficiencies, cost-effectiveness and predictable results.