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IT Capabilities

Project Management. Client Care.
Knowledge Retention.

The environmental consulting field is knowledge-intensive, with innovations in lab-scale research affecting field practices in record time. In order for a firm to deliver cost-effective and innovative solutions, it must find a way to harness the experiential and factual knowledge of each employee and store and disseminate that knowledge within the firm. Otherwise, a company remains the sum of its ever-changing parts—not an evolving, greater whole.

HCI’s proprietary software manages every aspect of the company’s operations, from client interaction, to project management, to knowledge retention. The software lives as a portal on the internet, which means it is remotely accessible anywhere in the world with a connection to the web. The functionalities of HCI’s software are constructed as linked modules, thereby accommodating expansion and enhancements.

As employees populate the portal, they are literally co-creating the company as they add to the knowledge retention features and project management logs. This facilitates the organic growth of the company as well as the professional growth of employees. Employees feel that they are contributing to something bigger than the task at hand.

Clients interact with the portal via our project logs, which serve as central repositories for all documents, data and information generated for a site. In this way, clients stay abreast of project developments and, at any time, can reference a site’s history of documents, events and correspondence.