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Expert Testimony

Allowing the data to tell the story.

HCI has helped clients obtain significant settlements—some from large corporations with armies of attorneys. How do we prevail? By allowing the data to tell the story.

HCI strictly adheres to the following process when preparing for a case:

• Create a chronology of pertinent events at the site, including operational history, past investigative and remedial activities, known releases, etc.
• Identify the known and suspected areas of environmental concern;
• Organize available data on tables, figures and graphs;
• Analyze data to uncover patterns and establish lines of corroborating evidence;
• Develop a conceptual site model which contemplates the following: the sources and timing of the releases, contaminant migration pathways, transport mechanisms and potentially affected receptors;
• Cite the published literature, when possible, to support the conceptual site model, and
• Establish the lines of evidence.

Our experts are trained to counter the tactics and strategies used by trial lawyers during depositions. As a result, the deposition process is not experienced as a stressful grilling, but rather as a challenging game of chess.