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Environmental Valuations

All cost estimates are not created equal.

A cost estimate must be prepared in the context of the overall strategy for the site. It could represent a best case, worst case, most-likely, or least-likely scenario. It’s important that a client’s team–comprised of legal, accounting and environmental professionals–is in agreement as to which of these scenarios should be contemplated. This requires each member of the team to transcend his/her practice boundary to give input regarding parameters used in the valuation.

HCI produces detailed cost estimates based on all available information. Our cost estimates are substantiated by defensible technical assumptions and are, therefore, able to withstand the scrutiny of legal, accounting and environmental professionals on the other side of a deal.

HCI’s cost estimates are informed by the latest developments in innovative technologies. Community and regulatory acceptance of a technology must be considered when assessing the viability of a remediation strategy.

Liabilities associated with evolving regulatory requirements, such as natural resource damages and vapor intrusion impacts on current and future developments, are considered when preparing a comprehensive cost estimate.