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Job Posting

Part-time Environmental Engineer Intern

1. Perform environmental data management and visualization.
2. Perform environmental data analysis under the supervision of project managers and Licensed Site Remediation Professional.
3. Conduct regulatory and technical research on various topics related to site remediation.
4. Participate in designing investigation and remediation strategies.

1. Minimum bachelor’s degree or candidate of engineering, science, math or other related fields.
2. Passion for the environmental field.
3. Solid science, engineering, math, and/or computer science background.
4. Familiarity with various statistical methods is a plus.
5. Ability to conduct independent research.
6. Proficiency in MS Excel is a must, with the ability to conduct quick and accurate data management and basic analyses.
7. Must be familiar with AutoCAD. Knowing ArcGIS is a plus.
8. Excellent interpersonal skills.
9. Willingness to learn new topics.